Wärmflasche die in einen Wärmflaschengürtel gesteckt wird
Sustainable and useful

Hot water bottle belt

Warmth exactly where you need it?

Hot water bottle belt - no more annoying carrying around of your hot water bottle!

Are you looking for a hot water bottle belt produced sustainably and fairly? Then you are at the right place with us. Because we have a hot water bottle cover for you that is innovative and practical and that you will never want to be without again!

Such a hot water bottle is not only the perfect source of heat when it is cold, but can also be used to treat abdominal pain, menstrual pain, for heat therapy, for example for tension in the neck and shoulder area, or to stimulate peristalsis .

Speaking of upcycling , this topic is particularly important to us and we not only produce these pretty hot water bottle belts, but also items of clothing such as upcycling blouses and upcycling t-shirts for women, men or unisex. Speaking of unisex, the hot water bottle scarves are designed to be age and gender independent.

Sidenote: we think they are the perfect gift for friends, family or even yourself.


Our hot water bottle belts are made in one size, which has the advantage that you can wear them anywhere you need them, be it over your stomach, back or shoulders. Simply tie the good piece around where you need the warmth.