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Hot water bottle belt: Soothing warmth to tie around

Do you want cozy warmth exactly where you need it? Without sacrificing sustainability and fashion standards? Then our upcycling hot water bottle belts are the perfect accessory for cold days and anyone who values ​​comfort without compromising on their ecological footprint.

The belts combine both aspects in a unique way, making them an absolute must-have for environmentally conscious trendsetters.

What is a hot water bottle belt?

We all know the classic hot water bottle. Since childhood, she has been a loyal companion for us when we have stomach and back pain or on dark winter days. Our hot water bottle belt takes the concept to the next level - because it provides warmth wherever and however you want. Flexible to wear and individually adjustable to your needs.

If you almost inevitably had to stay in bed with traditional hot water bottles, you can always carry the cozy feeling with you with our hot water bottle belts.

Whether you suffer from back pain , muscle tension, or menstrual cramps, a hot water bottle belt can be a real revelation. By using high-quality upcycling materials and a particularly ergonomic design, the belt adapts perfectly to your body shape and thus offers optimal heat transfer to the affected areas.

Benefits of tie-on hot water bottles

With our hot water bottle belts you can finally move freely and without restrictions while keeping the comfortable warmth optimally on your body. Without compromising on style and comfort.

Say goodbye to pain, discomfort and annoying carrying around and discover the benefits of our hot water bottle belt for yourself.

Pain relief where you need it

Provide targeted pain relief and cozy relaxation with a hot water bottle belt that brings the heat exactly where you need it. No matter whether on the shoulders, back or stomach.

Our shoulder belts offer you targeted and effective heat treatment exactly where you need it most. The innovative design made from sustainable upcycled materials ensures that the soothing warmth goes directly to where you feel pain or discomfort.

It is incredibly easy to use. You put on the belt, position the hot water bottle in the appropriate place and fasten it securely around your waist or body. The heat is released gently and continuously, which promotes blood circulation and relaxes your muscles.

Flexibility the way you want it

Our one-size-fits-all hot water bottle belts give you the freedom to continue moving and going about your everyday life while benefiting from the soothing warmth.

Whether you're relaxing at home, working in the office, or on the go, you can enjoy the benefits of targeted heat treatment without sacrificing your activities.

They are designed to fit seamlessly into your personal everyday routines. You can easily wear it over or under your clothing and benefit from the soothing heat that is delivered specifically to your painful areas.

Style and sustainability the way you love them

For us, fashion and environmental awareness are not a contradiction. With our sustainable designs made from 100% upcycled waste materials, you can find the hot water bottle belt that suits you in numerous colors and pattern combinations.

Enjoy stylish pain relief without having to compromise! With our belts you can effectively combat pain while expressing your own personal style.

Whether monochrome elegance, bright tones or playful patterns - let our designs inspire you and experience cozy warmth that alleviates your complaints and at the same time lets you appear confident and style-conscious. Choose a hot water bottle belt that suits you and experience the perfect combination of ecological comfort and style.

How are our hot water bottle belts made?

For us, sustainability is more than just hype - and textiles are not just a piece of interchangeable fast fashion. That's why our belts are made exclusively by hand in Germany from 100% upcycling leftover materials.

With us you won't find mass-produced goods, but carefully selected pieces that have been made with attention to detail and a touch of exclusivity. Even though some upcycled materials may still contain traces of their previous use, every accessory we offer tells its own story and thus reflects the individuality and taste of its wearer.

The basic material for our hot water bottle belts is provided by supposedly unwearable second-hand textiles, which are transformed into new textile creations by cutting them and combining them with other materials.

We firmly believe that every piece of fabric still has hidden potential and it would be a shame to simply throw it away. Our upcycling clothing is therefore always an expression of creativity and sustainability. Each piece is carefully designed and crafted by hand to harness the unique properties of existing textiles and breathe new life into them.

Shipping and payment options for hot water bottle belts

We pride ourselves on a fast and reliable shipping service . Unless otherwise stated in the offer, we will bring the ordered items to you within 1-3 working days of receipt of payment. This means you can usually expect cozy warmth to be delivered within Germany within 3-5 working days.

Personalized goods require a little more finishing touches and are usually dispatched within 3 – 14 working days after receipt of payment. Delivery usually takes place after 5 – 16 working days.

There is no minimum order value. We charge a small flat rate for shipping within Germany - we even deliver completely free of charge for orders over €60! Deliveries within the EU are charged at a higher flat rate, but are also possible at any time.

The freedom in everyday life that our hot water bottle belts give you also applies to your payment options. To pay for your very personal belt, you can use either Apple Pay, Google Pay, Klarna, PayPal, Shop Pay, Sofortüberweisung, Union Pay and Visa.