Sustainably sewn in Germany.

Hot water bottle belt

Provides heat exactly where you need it!

Upcycling XL Scrunchies

Sustainably sewn in Germany.

Stay Cozy, Stay Chic - sustainable accessories for body & home

Bring well-being, better productivity and coziness into your home with our products. All sustainable and handmade in Germany by a family business with a love for sewing and upcycling.

It's time to become even more extraordinary - do it in the best way possible!

Customer reviews
Fast reliable delivery! Great product, very unique! Was addressed several times and I'm really happy :)
— Trusted Shops Customer
Absolute favorite online store, for over half a year I regularly buy upcycling and vintage parts, [...] All in all - absolute recommendation
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The art of sewing Made in Germany


Products can only be truly sustainable if they are made regionally. That's why we give the love of sewing a German home again and want to bring back into your life more chic, cozy and above all sustainable household products "Made in Germany".

Join us: away from cheap productions, towards sustainable and yet fashionable sewing art.

Sustainability 2.0


It can not be that fabrics are burned because of small mistakes or sometimes even because of overproduction.

Therefore, we lovingly and authentically resew leftover fabrics that are believed dead in our small sewing workshop, so that you can wear them again and revive them with your spirit.

100% creativity
Upcycling ideas for the love of sewing art

Upcycling ideas means taking responsibility. Creating new things that will give us and all generations after us a more carefree life. New & sustainable things, like our upcycling hair ties. If you are a little bit interested in the environment and you deal with it, you know very well that there is much more behind upcycling. If you ask us, it's time to rethink a little bit. Many more things in life should get a second chance. And for this we create new upcycling ideas every day.

That is Vintage Spirit
Upcycling hair tie - cozy & chic

We are simply Vintage Spirit. A small start-up from the Palatinate that wants to turn the fashion world a little upside down. Spirit means for us to have character and to be unique. Individual fashion, for example upcycled scrunchies or upcycled hot water bottle belts that are both cozy and chic, that's exactly our thing. Because we want to create products that exude a unique spirit and are produced locally, making them as sustainable as possible.

Sewn in Germany
Upcycling products, Made in Germany

Every upcycling product is made in our own and local sewing shop in Germany. So you do not only support our start-up. Much more, unnecessary transports to foreign countries are saved. In addition, it is important to us to create a safe workplace for our team locally. You support something small of something big! Have a look at our sustainable scrunchies or our innovative hot water bottle covers (hot water bottle belts).

We do not let you down
6 months upcycling guarantee!

If a stitch comes loose on you, our Upcycling guarantee steps in. We care about making Upcycling products of the highest quality. However, if a seam does come loose on you, we guarantee for 6 months that you can send your Upcycling item to us and get it back with a new seam!

Alternatively, you can have a replacement product of the same value delivered to you free of charge or have the purchase price refunded. Promised.