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Shop sustainable accessories online | Vintage spirit

Style, environmental awareness and fair prices are mutually exclusive? Not even close. With our sustainable accessories you are choosing the perfect symbiosis of stylish standards and gentle production. With offers that not only protect your wallet, but also break the eternal cycle of the throwaway society.

Our mission: to give used textiles a second life. And give your everyday life an aesthetic upgrade – with sophisticated crunchies, sustainable jewelry or practical hot water bottle belts. Convince yourself that individual style does not automatically mean that your ecological footprint has to suffer.

Vintage Spirit: Your reliable partner for sustainable accessories

We believe that beauty and ecological conscience can come together harmoniously. We want to offer you high-quality accessories that not only emphasize your personality, but also protect our planet. Aesthetic demands – without a guilty conscience.

Our journey began with a simple idea - to enrich the fashion world aesthetically and sustainably. Without fast fashion, big corporations and unfair working conditions. This is how Vintage Spirit was born. Our brand that passionately combines sustainability and fashion standards.

Sewing art instead of throwing away

Our accessories are made with great care from upcycled materials in Germany. Without compromise on quality and style. Every piece you find with us tells its own story of craftsmanship and dedication.

The vintage spirit is more than just an empty phrase from the marketing kit. We live responsibility every single working day - for the textiles we hand-work, for your quality standards and a fair fashion world.

Enjoyment without sacrifice - with our accessories you not only choose innovative designs, but you also support us on this path. And show those around you how beautiful sustainability can actually look.

Hot water bottle belt - sustainable warmth for your everyday life

We are all familiar with the classic hot water bottle. Since our childhood, she has always stood by us faithfully, be it with stomach or back pain or on cloudy winter days. But our hot water bottle belt revolutionizes this concept and takes it to a completely new level.

It gives you warmth, right there and exactly the way you want it. With its flexible portability and individual adjustment to your needs, it sets new comfort standards.

Flexible heat - sustainable

Our hot water bottle belts finally allow you unrestricted freedom of movement, while at the same time you can optimally enjoy the comfortable warmth on your body. You don't have to compromise on style, comfort or environmental awareness.

Because with us you won't find interchangeable mass-produced goods, but carefully selected pieces made from 100% upcycled material that have been prepared with a lot of dedication and passion.

Even if some fabrics still bear traces of their previous use, each accessory tells its own fascinating story - and reflects the individuality and discerning taste of its wearer in a unique way.

Scrunchies - Stylish and environmentally friendly

Are you looking for an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional hair ties? Then our scrunchies made from carefully selected upcycling materials are the stylish, ecological upgrade for your hairstyle.

In our wide range of color variations and stylish patterns from subtle to trendy, you will find scrunchies that fit every outfit idea - and all with a touch of retro charm.

Retro chic meets sustainability

Because our scrunchies give every outfit a pinch of 90s nostalgia and are an extremely comfortable accessory. They protect your hair better from breakage than classic hair ties and are extremely gentle. Their versatility allows for individual styles and hairstyles, making them an indispensable companion for your unique look.

Our fabrics not only protect the environment, but also your hair. They are made of smooth and soft fabrics such as silk or cotton. This significantly reduces friction and minimizes the risk of hair breakage, split ends and unwanted knots.

With the different colors and designs you can sophisticatedly enhance your look and give it a unique personal touch. No matter whether you prefer a classic, elegant or playful style - with us you will find the perfect hair tie to bring your individual styling ideas to life.

Sustainable jewelry - elegance with a clear conscience

We want to open a new chapter in the jewelry world with you. With real vintage spirit. Produced fairly and with ecological standards.

Our sustainable jewelry embodies modern, ambitious chic in its designs and impressively demonstrates that you can give your outfit a unique, stylish touch without neglecting your ecological footprint.

Sustainable chains

Playful neck flatterers or a robust statement with a curb chain? Discover our impressive selection of sustainable chains. Here you will find timeless designs and sophisticated elegance.

Each necklace tells a story and helps promote a conscious lifestyle. Add a sophisticated touch of eco-conscious style to your look with our necklaces.

Sustainable earrings

They are the visual finishing touch to every outfit. In everyday life, in business or at celebrations. Our unique earrings combine stylish design for every occasion and environmentally conscious manufacturing.

From classic designs to modern statement pieces, you'll find the perfect earrings to highlight your personal style. This not only means you are wearing beautiful accessories, but also the conviction of a mindful lifestyle.

Shop sustainable accessories online – your advantages

The easiest way to get a fairly produced accessory: an uncomplicated purchase in a sustainable online shop. At Vintage Spirit you will find a large selection of high-quality pieces that will give your outfit a trendy and stylish look. You not only benefit from the quick ordering process:

  • Environmentally friendly materials : Our accessories are made from consciously selected upcycling materials that protect nature and resources. Transparent and verifiable.
  • High-quality craftsmanship : Each accessory is selected with care and made with real passion and artistry.
  • Supporting fair practices : By purchasing our sustainable accessories, you are actively contributing to promoting environmentally friendly and fair fashion production.

Shop safely and consciously

Ecological conscience can be so simple. In our work, we focus on the things that really count: sustainable accessories with aesthetic appeal that enrich your outfit as quickly and easily as possible:

  • Choose your favorites : Simply add the perfect variants to your shopping cart. The selection and adjustment are particularly convenient thanks to the clear display.
  • Secure Payments : Enjoy a variety of secure payment methods including credit card, PayPal and bank transfer.
Convenient delivery : Fast shipping is important to us. Your order will usually be shipped within 1-3 business days after receipt of payment. Free for orders over €60 within Germany.