Buy scrunchies: Upcycling hair ties at fair prices

Do you want sustainable style awareness and an alternative to classic hair ties without forgetting your ecological footprint and fashion demands? Then scrunchies made from carefully selected upcycling materials are a practical and stylish upgrade for your hairstyle. Can be worn all year round and comes in numerous color variations to match any outfit idea - and a touch of retro charm.

Buy scrunchies online: It's that easy

The easiest way to sustainably upcycle your personal hair styling: uncomplicated online purchase. At Vintage Spirit you will find a large selection of high-quality hair ties that give your hair a trendy and stylish look. We'll show you how easy it actually works.

  • Browse our diverse selection : On our website you will find an extensive range of products in different colors, patterns and materials. From classic monochrome designs to playful patterns, there is something for every fashion need. Simply click through our categories and discover the latest trends.
  • Choose your favorites : Once you have found the perfect variants, simply add them to your virtual shopping cart. You can select multiple items and adjust the quantity as desired. Thanks to the clear presentation of our products, the selection is easy for you.
  • Secure payment : With us you can choose from various payment methods, including secure options such as credit card, PayPal or bank transfer. We ensure you a safe and secure transaction so you can shop with peace of mind.
  • Convenient delivery : We attach great importance to a particularly quick shipping service . Unless otherwise stated, the ordered products are usually dispatched within 1-3 working days after receipt of payment. This means you can expect punctual delivery within Germany within 3-5 working days - and delivery is completely free for orders over €60.

Take advantage of online shopping and order your scrunchies from the comfort of your own home. No matter whether you are looking for an accessory for everyday life or a special highlight for a special occasion, you will find it with us. Experience the simplicity and convenience of purchasing online and give your hair a fresh, trendy look with our high-quality hair ties.

Where do scrunchies get their name from?

The origin of the name is just as fascinating as the accessory itself. The catchy term is derived from the characteristic texture and look of the hair ties.

“Scrunch” means “to scrunch up” or “to pull together” in English. This is exactly what the elastics embody - they are made of an elastic material that can be contracted and folded. This flexibility allows you to wear them effortlessly in your hair and shape them however you want.

The choice of this sonorous name perfectly reflects the functionality and appearance of the scrunchies. They are the ideal accessory to tie your hair in style while creating a relaxed and casual look.

Whether you want to create a trendy ponytail or a loose updo, they are the perfect addition to add a vintage touch to your look.

Are scrunchies good for your hair?

Absolutely! Scrunchies are not only a fashion statement à la Britney Spears, but also a gentle choice for your hair. Unlike traditional hair ties, which often have metal parts or tight rubber that put tension on the hair, scrunchies offer a variety of benefits for your hair health.

  • No pulling and pressure points : Traditional hair ties can pull the hair tightly together and leave unwanted pulling and pressure points - an unnecessary risk of hair breakage, split ends and even hair loss. Scrunchies, on the other hand, offer a gentle and even hold that does not put unnecessary strain on the hair.
  • Less friction : Thanks to their soft structure and smooth material, they reduce friction on the hair and do not put unnecessary strain on it. This is especially important if you tie your hair up often. 
  • Gentle on sensitive hair : Scrunchies are also great for people with sensitive or fine hair. The soft nature of the material prevents the hair from tangling or knotting, which can cause damage to sensitive hair.

With the elastics you can keep your hair stylish and at the same time promote and maintain its long-term health - making them the perfect alternative to classic hair elastics.

Advantages of scrunchies at a glance

Our scrunchies not only look extremely stylish in your hairstyle, but also offer some unbeatable advantages compared to conventional hair ties. An overview.

Gentle hold

In contrast to traditional hair ties, which pull the hair tightly together, scrunchies offer a gentle and gentle hold. This significantly reduces the risk of hair breakage and damage.

They are designed to hold hair without uncomfortable pressure. This avoids annoying marks or headaches that can often arise from hair ties that are too tight. At the same time, their soft structure prevents the hair from tangling or knotting. This makes it easier to remove the hair tie and minimizes hair tangles.

Hair-friendly and sustainable material

Our elastics are often made of soft and smooth materials such as silk or cotton. This material minimizes friction and reduces the risk of hair breakage, split ends and tangles. Your hair is protected and stays healthy.

We mainly use selected upcycling materials for production. At the same time, you are making a contribution to more sustainability in your wardrobe.

Styling versatility

We offer a wide selection of colors, patterns and textures to suit every outfit and occasion. They are ideal for enhancing your hairstyle and adding a personal touch to your look. Whether classically elegant or playful – we have the right hair tie for your very personal styling ideas.

Why are scrunchies trendy?

They have long since established themselves as a timeless trend and have become an integral part of the fashion world. Their retro charm, the diverse selection of colors and patterns as well as their gentle effect on the hair have made a decisive contribution to this.

They add a touch of 90s nostalgia to any outfit while also being a practical and comfortable accessory. They are gentler on the hair than traditional hair ties and cause less hair breakage. They are also extremely versatile and allow for individual styles and hairstyles.

Whether as an eye-catching retro highlight or a subtle detail - scrunchies skilfully set accents and give the look a personal touch. While they were once considered a simple hair accessory, today you can use them to underline your own fashion ambitions. Discover the diversity of our hair ties and enjoy the stylish retro charm in sustainable perfection.