Our Upcycling } products consist of used textiles. If one of our products gets a defect, we provide the following warranty under certain conditions, in addition to the statutory warranty to which the consumer is entitled against the seller.

The company SecondPlus GmbH, Zur Wörthspitze 13, 76726 Germersheim, grants the consumer a limited warranty for the Upcycling products sold by it under the following conditions and to the extent described below. The warranty granted shall apply without prejudice to mandatory statutory liability provisions.

Consumer in the sense of this warranty statement is any natural person who is the owner of the product and has not purchased it for commercial purposes.

Scope of warranty

The warranty conditions apply exclusively within the Federal Republic of Germany and the European Union. The warranty applies to all Upcycling Products purchased on or after 07/29/2021 (proof of purchase). The company SecondPlus Ltd. guarantees that its Upcycling products have been sewn professionally and do not have any defects based on a sewing error. Claims arising from product liability exist only in accordance with the statutory provisions. Within the scope of this warranty, defects that are demonstrably due to a sewing error will be repaired.

All Upcycling Products have a warranty period of 6 months from the date of purchase of a product. If the product is already defective upon delivery in its unworn condition, this must be reported to our customer support immediately upon receipt of the product. This will then arrange for a replacement delivery to be sent.

Defects that occur after the product has been worn can be claimed via our complaint form. Upcycling Products older than 6 months are in principle excluded from the warranty. We provide this warranty by means of free repair of the defects that are due to a sewing defect within the warranty period. The repair of these defects is done by repairing the product or by a replacement product that differs from the product in the original order.

Double entries in our complaint form regarding the identical product of an order number cannot be processed, likewise if no meaningful picture was attached.

SecondPlus GmbH reserves the right to make an alternative refund or partial refund of the purchase price. The services described herein are in addition to and do not replace or limit the statutory warranties. This warranty is a voluntary and not legally binding service of SecondPlus GmbH, which can be denied at any time without giving reasons.

Excluded from the warranty

Goodwill: A warranty service to the customer does not exist for the customer in the case of gifts and goodwill services. For the guarantee to be valid, the consumer must have made a purchase and provided a service in return.

Third Party Purchases: In the event of the purchase of Upcycling Products of SecondPlus GmbH via third parties, there is no entitlement to warranty service.

Gifts: If in the context of one of our special promotions Upcycling Products are given as gifts, these products are not eligible for warranty service.

Products whose purchase date is more than 6 months ago are in principle excluded from the warranty.

Making a warranty claim

To make a claim under the warranty, customers must complete the warranty form. After receipt of the form, customers will be informed about the further procedure of claim processing. In the event of a warranty claim, the product must be returned within the following time frame Germany free of charge.

Claim in case of gift

In the case of gifts (customer 1 buys from us, gives it as a gift to customer 2, customer 2 makes a claim), a claim under the warranty is only possible if customer 2 has all the relevant purchase data from customer 1 (email, order number, name, shipping address). These data may not be changed, but are to be taken over exactly the same for the complaint.

Documentation requirement

A warranty claim is only valid if the customer encloses clear photos with the claim. Unambiguity in this context means the clear recognizability of the Upcycling Product, the size and color of the garment and the defect underlying the claim.

Note on the warranty promise § 477 BGB

Completely independent of this warranty and regardless of whether or not the mandatory warranty is invoked in a warranty case, the consumer's statutory warranty claims against the respective seller exist without restriction. At its own free choice, therefore, even without asserting the warranty claims, the legally regulated buyer's rights due to defects in the purchased item, in particular subsequent performance, withdrawal, reduction of the purchase price or damages (see § 437 BGB) and the corresponding separate limitation rules in § 438 BGB can be asserted against the seller. The guarantee shall apply without prejudice to mandatory statutory liability provisions.


The warranty declaration does not grant any claim for compensation of consequential damages of any kind or other claims for damages. Excluded from this limitation are mandatory legal provisions according to which the manufacturer is liable outside of this voluntary warranty declaration.

Exclusion period Statute of limitations

Claims under the warranty must be asserted immediately, but no later than 60 days after knowledge of a defect. After expiry of this period, the assertion of rights under the warranty is excluded. Claims under the warranty expire 6 months after the end of the warranty period.