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Local vintage shops & upcycling outlets

Prefer to browse a local vintage shop? No problem. you can also find our Vintage Spirit products locally in one of SecondPlus' second-hand shops.

We have already opened 13 second hand shops in a total of 12 cities and more will follow. In each shop we have our own vintage and Upcycling department set up for you. For example, you can find a vintage shop in Mannheim , Kaiserslautern , Primasens and Ingelheim .

Browse through the various aisles at your leisure, be inspired by past and current trends and put together your own style. You have the opportunity to touch and try on all products. So you can see exactly whether you like the material, the fit is right or the color meets your expectations.

Do we also have a local vintage shop near you? Take a look at our store finder.

What you get at our local vintage shops is above all a great service and competent advice. In the shop you have the opportunity to view the various products up close, try them out or touch them. This is probably the biggest advantage of offline shopping in our local vintage shops: personal advice and the opportunity to decide on the purchase of the product live on site.

No vintage shop near you?

If SecondPlus hasn't opened a second hand shop in your area yet, then feel free to browse through our diverse online range. All products that we have also exhibited in our local vintage shops are listed here.

But it's still worth taking a look at our store finder! If you are in the area, you can pay a visit to our vintage shops. A city trip to Mannheim or Bad Kreuznach can be done e.g. with a detour to the Vintage Shop in Mannheim-Edingen .