Upcycling clothing is individually designed clothing made from supposedly unwearable second-hand textiles that are made wearable again by being re-tailored or combined with other materials. What is special about this is that the textiles in their unprocessed state are actually used as cleaning rags or even just as fuel, since they are used e.g. B are no longer wearable due to holes. For us, however, every textile should be reused for as long as possible, because there is an incredible amount of work, sweat and, above all, natural resources in every fiber.

That's why we look for valuable textiles that we thought were dead from old clothing collections, wash them, spray them with a lot of stylish creative dust and thus convert them into trendy designer pieces that can be worn again.

Sew upcycling clothes - how does it work?

1. Sort clothes
In the first step, the second-hand clothes that are not for sale and the matching fabrics are sorted out from the delivered textiles in order to then end up on our sewing tables.

2. Identify errors
The selected garments and fabrics are scrutinized and the faulty areas are identified. It also depends heavily on where and how big the error is in order to decide what can still be made of the part. Has a shirt e.g. B. a hole at the bottom, it can become a cropped or elastic shirt. However, if there is an error, e.g. B. in the chest area, then you can use this wonderfully for a patched shirt and sew beautiful fabrics over it. The location of the error thus decides on further use.

3. Perform sewing work
Once it has been decided what the piece can be upcycled into, all the necessary materials are gathered to transform the piece into a unique piece of clothing that can be worn again and again and does not have to be processed into cleaning rags or even burned. Patterns are made from used fabric leftovers in order to then put them together with the faulty used clothing items to create new pieces that can be worn again. The designs always follow the vintage trend and give every wearer exactly that aura that we love so much at Vintage Spirit.

"For me, every scrap of fabric has the ability to get a second chance and be used in some form. All it takes is a little creative spirit, a little love for sewing and for our environment... and then a sewing machine; )."

"For me, every scrap of fabric has the ability to get a second chance and be used in some way. All it takes is a little creative spirit, a little love for sewing and for our environment... and of course a sewing machine; )."

We start where others stop.

Design and production? Low waste & local.

We start where others sign out and give away textiles. Because we make accessories with passion. However, the conventional understanding of fashion is no longer sufficient for us here, because it leads to countless amounts of textile waste - and nobody here can identify with that anymore.

That's why we're rethinking, procuring our fabrics from local textile recycling companies or sustainable producers, among others, and making all designs in such a way that as little textile waste as possible remains.

We sew in Germany.

All of our designs are lovingly and authentically sewn in Germany. As a result, our products cause almost no additional ecological footprint. At the same time, the tailoring makes the pieces as unique as the person who wears them - and that's exactly what we mean by real upcycling.

We stop making compromises and create accessories that are sustainable and still exude an ultimately unique style.

Level up your wardrobe.

Fashion that is different, that makes a difference and exudes a certain charisma. This is fashion that we think should be in your closet.

Let yourself be inspired by our upcycling styles and give your closet a full load of cozy & chic!