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Welcome to your personal favorite upcycling accessories store, here you will find an incredibly large selection of custom made accessories.
You'll find super nice hair ties - our scrunchies, hot water bottle belts and seasonally sometimes Santa boots - all made from sustainable upcycled material. The latter you can confidently also fill at Easter ;)

How are our upcycling accessories made?

Our accessories are made from the fabric scraps of used clothing. They are thus made from rescued garments that others either throw in the incinerator or process into inferior quality. Here we would like to make it clear that for us textile waste is no longer an option at all! Because we have made it our business to tailor something beautiful even from our waste fabric scraps. For example, we create our "scrunchies", which are not only sustainable, but also stylish and super individual! Speaking of sustainability: for our scrunchies, we only use rubber from production scraps from a rubber band factory. This makes them even more sustainable. Also, we not only sew scrunchies from our fabric scraps, but also upcycling accessories like hot water bottle belts. You can read more about our production process here.

„Scrunchies“ Styleguide:

Not only can you use our hair ties to tie your hair, but you can also wear them casually around your wrist. Try it out ;) In our Instagram Stories we show you every Friday our new vintage and upcycling pieces, which are brand new in the online store. So you can always be up to date and never miss a new addition. Follow us ;)