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Upcycling hot water bottle belt blue brown

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All benefits at a glance:

✔️ Provides heat exactly where you need it (stomach, back, shoulders, etc.)
✔️ No more carrying around your hot water bottle
✔️ Helps with back/period pain or discomfort
✔️ Cheaper than comparable new products
✔️ Sustainably made with 100% eco/upcycling fabric
✔️ 6 months Upcycling guarantee
✔️ Also perfect as a gift idea

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Unique upcycling hot water bottle belt made out of cotton.

You can tie the hot water bottle belt (one size fits all) over your belly, back or shoulder. It relieves back/period pain or discomfort and supports you exactly where you need it.

Note: Hot water bottle is NOT included!

Dimensions: total length: 172,5 cm, length of bag: 38 cm, height of bag: 22,5 cm

Material: 100% upcycling remnant fabric

✅ Super soft material

Made in Germany.

(Color corresponds to the 1st photo)

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Trusted by hundreds

"Great quality, fast shipping :) was a gift, was very well received." - Laura


"My girlfriend is very enthusiastic about the belt, the material is good and the hot-water bottle fits perfectly" - Jan-Hendrik


"Very happy with the hot water bottle cover and shipping" - mrsgol

How it works:

Your Vintage Spirit Hot Water Bottle Belt uses the proven method of heat pain relief .

  1. Put your filled hot water bottle in the practical compartment of the belt.
  2. Place the belt and bottle on a body part of your choice, e.g. on the stomach, on the back or on the shoulder.
  3. Snuggle up and wait for the warmth to take effect!

Your benefits


A wonderful feeling, right where you need it

Whether on your stomach, back or shoulders - your hot water bottle can now support you wherever you need it most.

It feels so good you won't want to go anywhere without your hot water bottle belt.


Take your warmth with you wherever you go

No more carrying around your hot water bottle!

Because you can easily tighten the belt on any part of your body, your hot water bottle is your faithful companion wherever you go and all that is totally comfortable and without groaning around.


Stay productive

Is your pain so annoying that you're falling behind at work, school, or even your personal goals?

Our hot water bottle belt takes care of the pain and discomfort so you can focus on the things that matter to you.

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Try it with little risk

Our 6-month upcycling guarantee covers possible production defects or errors.

This means: If a seam comes undone or another defect becomes apparent during this time, we will replace your product in full.

You are in good company

"I love this scrunchie. It fits perfectly, has a good cut, looks high quality and just looks great. I'm really hoping for more colors and motifs! Thank you very much!!" - Sarah


"Good quality. Very fast delivery, good workmanship, sustainably packaged.
The color of the hot water bottle belt was not red as stated, but clearly rusty brown, but still very nice." - CK