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Daisy polymer clay earrings gold

Lesvar & Clay is an aspiring & sustainable brand that meets at least one of the following criteria:

✔️ Use of sustainable materials
✔️ Local production in Europe
✔️ Fair working conditions

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Great statement earrings in trendy boho style designed as flowers.

✅ sustainable materials
✅ 100% handmade
✅ hypoallergenic

The color of polymer clay is a self-creation and not available elsewhere.
This emphasizes the character of each earring, which was made with much attention to detail in a small studio in Augsburg.

Due to the lightweight material, the earrings are super comfortable to wear and do not weigh down the ear!

Material: polymer clay | brass | brass creoles 18k gold plated

Size: length | 5cm, width | 2.5cm

♡ made with love ♡ please note that each earring is unique and may differ minimally from the picture!


- Polymer clay

Polymerclay is an oven-hardening modeling clay consisting of PVC particles mixed with plasticizers and color pigments to form a kind of plasticine/clay. After hardening in the oven, the designs can be worked as desired. In this case, they are sanded and then cleaned.
The material is ideal for large earrings, as it is very light and thus does not unnecessarily strain and weigh down the earlobe.

- Brass

All the gold elements used for the designs are made of brass. Brass is a gold colored alloy of copper and zinc. Over time brass may tarnish, but this is no reason to banish the jewelry. It can be cleaned with vinegar and a cotton swab and then shines in new splendor.

- Stainless steel

To avoid allergies, stainless steel studs are used for the earrings. These give you the guarantee that no unnecessary and allergenic materials were used.
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